As an industry leader and responsible supplier/employer, Coolwell is committed to environmental sustainability and being fully compliant with all legislation surrounding the air-conditioning, refrigeration market and beyond.

We have an environmental policy which all staff are aware of and adhere to and the management team review policies and practises on a regular basis to ensure compliance and make improvements when/where possible.

A link to Coolwell’s full environmental policy is below. Highlights of our commitment to ensure a healthy workplace for staff and recognise the importance of working with our customers and the supply chain to minimise environmental impact are as follows:

  • We educate staff as to the importance of not only health and safety, but also the impact their activities have on the environment.
  • We train staff in methods in which they are able to work to reduce environmental impact, and re-use and recycle tools, parts & equipment where safe to do so; therefore improving efficiency and reducing waste.
  • Our management team consider the environmental implications when making decisions (major or minor) regarding the company’s operations, administration and supplier choices.
  • Our administrative team investigate environmental factors throughout the supply chain and communicate effectively with all parties to minimise impact and encourage others to do their bit.

Any customers who have any concerns in regards to the affects their air-conditioning, refrigeration and/or heating system has on the environment and the steps both they and Coolwell can take to comply with legislation and reduce effects are encouraged to contact one of our team.

Our Environmental Policy