Air Conditioning

If you are looking for the full package for your air conditioning needs, Coolwell are the company for you. We have the tried and tested infrastructure in place to offer our clients everything from concept to design, installation to commissioning and ongoing service and maintenance.

From facilities management partners to small business and domestic clients, you will experience industry leading service and workmanship from Coolwell’s dedicated and highly knowledgeable team.

Air-Conditioning Systems

Design of Air Conditioning Systems

With over 70 years combined experience in the air conditioning industry, Coolwell have the knowledge and expertise to offer a full turn-key package to clients from design and quotation, through installation, to ongoing maintenance and service.

Team members in our air conditioning design and installation department have qualifications in design engineering to ensure that we are able to create a system perfect for your requirements.

We use advanced software packages to help us calculate your cooling and heating requirements, taking into account the type of building, air flow, windows, shape and size of the space, the number of staff members/customers, other factors such as any equipment/machinery present and the ongoing use of the environment.

Once all of the information is collected we will determine the size (kW) of the unit/system required and provide a proposal for your consideration.

Aesthetics as well as practicality is always considered to ensure that cassettes and indoor units are positioned in suitable places.

From stadiums to shopping malls, offices to leisure facilities, hospitals to schools, hotels, airports, data centres, or simply if you need a unit or system for your home; whatever your requirements Coolwell staff pride themselves in designing the perfect air conditioning system for you.

Our ultimate goal is to create a comfortable environment ideal for your needs, which will be provided cost effectively and with significant longevity.

S.Swift, Design and Installation Director

Our team are used to working directly with clients or with facilities management groups and other contractors. Contact one of our dedicated team today to see how we can assist you.

Installation of Air Conditioning Systems

The purchase of a new or replacement air-conditioning system is an investment for any person or business, whether you are a facilities management contractor overseeing the large-scale operational maintenance of a client’s premises, or a domestic client wanting to condition the air in their home.

When purchasing vital air conditioning equipment and contracting a company to complete the installation of your air conditioning system, you want to be sure you choose a suitable manufacturer/model and a contractor with the relevant experience and safety accreditations to ensure you get professional service, value for money and quality workmanship. Coolwell can offer you all of these things and more.

With all Coolwell air conditioning installations, we arrange a pre-start meeting to walk you through the stages due for completion, to ensure you are comfortable with the process from start to finish and give the opportunity for all parties to raise any concerns and ensure smooth progression.

Coolwell air conditioning installation engineers draw on years of experience and extensive knowledge throughout the course of their work. All staff are highly trained in safe working practises and all relevant qualifications and accreditations.

Once we have successfully installed and commissioned your air conditioning system, please feel free to raise any queries you have. Our team will take the time to instruct you and any other system users in how to correctly operate your new air conditioning system.

If you would like one of our qualified team to discuss your requirement for air-conditioning, please contact us today.

Maintenance of Air Conditioning Systems

Coolwell’s qualified engineers are experienced in the maintenance of air conditioning systems supplied by a huge variety of manufacturers. Whether Coolwell were contracted to install your air conditioning system originally or not, our maintenance packages are available for all air conditioning system sizes and types, and whether you have one system or one hundred.

Air-conditioning maintenance contracts offer a vital service to client’s equipment to safeguard the longevity of your investment and ensure that a system which might be crucial to the operation of your business, functions at optimum efficiency. Entrust our knowledgeable staff with the responsibility of maintain your air conditioning system to avoid unnecessary failures and maintain industry leading warranties (when equipment is supplied by us).

All Coolwell maintenance packages include the full service of your air conditioning system/s twice a year by qualified engineers and we provide relevant FGAS report logs and other supporting documentation.

Call our team today to obtain peace of mind that your air conditioning system is being maintained by trusted and experienced engineers, at reasonable and competitive rates.

Air Conditioning Repair/Service

Air-conditioning system breakdowns though rare, always seem to come at an inconvenient time! Coolwell maintenance clients can rely on our reactive response to air conditioning breakdowns. Our dedicated team of engineers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure that should your equipment fail, we get you back up and running as swiftly as possible.

Coolwell take every step to prevent failures, from ideal system design to installation careful and safe installation and finally ongoing comprehensive maintenance, but when the unexpected happens, you are our primary concern.

Breakdowns go to the top of the queue and our reactive response times are some of the best in the industry. Customers are our priority; if your vital equipment is down, we will do everything in our power to diagnose and repair/replace whatever necessary to make sure, your air conditioning system is back fully functional, as soon as possible.

If you have experienced a failure with your equipment or you wish to have the peace of mind that you have the right contractor in place to prepare for possible future failures, contact our service team today.