Cold Rooms & Freezer Rooms

Coolwell have the scale of organisation required to afford clients a full ‘Turn-key’ package for all of your Cold Room and Freezer Room requirements.

From small commercial cold stores to retail and restaurant cold rooms and freezer rooms, as well as large commercial temperature controlled storage, our wide range of clients are safe in the knowledge that we are able to offer the best services levels available in the industry.

Cold Room and Freezer Room System and Room Design

Our experienced team can assist from initial concept to system design. One of our cold room and freezer room design engineers will visit your site to complete a complimentary premises survey, where we will discuss with your requirements and ensure that you receive the most suitable temperature controlled system designed with your specific needs in mind.

Our Cold Room design team can provide a range of options including design and build plans of Cold rooms and/or Freezer rooms to suit the required conditions of your business. Alternatively, we can design an appropriate and energy efficient refrigeration system to suit an existing room you may have and to match the optimum temperature vital to your products/stock. Having unrivalled relationships with major suppliers of cold rooms and freezer rooms gives our design experts a diverse array of equipment to offer for your consideration.

Call one of our cold room and freezer room experts today to see how we can help with the design of your new cold room or freezer room.

Freezer Room and Cold Room Installation

Following the freezer room and/or cold room design phase, Coolwell will arrange and carry out the full installation of the chosen cold room or freezer room through our dedicated contracts and installations department.

Pre-start meetings help us to guide you through the steps involved in the cold room installation. These meetings provide a vial opportunity for any concerns to be raised and ensure all parties are kept suitably informed. Once the installation of your cold room or freezer room is complete, the system will be commissioned and instruction is available for any interested users of the temperature controlled storage.

We are fully conscious of the fact that it is important to many businesses to have continuous access to an efficient environmentally controlled room, which will enable you to control the exact temperature and air quality levels, within which your vital stock and supplies will be stored.

Coolwell’s team of cold room and freezer room installers will offer you a highly professional service at a competitive price. Call today for further information.

Cold Room and Freezer Room Maintenance

To extend the life of cold room /s and freezer room /s and prevent the failure of temperature controlled system parts, regular maintenance by qualified technicians is recommended and often required within a warranty agreement. Failures of cold room and freezer room equipment can be avoided by regular maintenance, and, when required the repair of any damaged or gradually degrading parts.

Coolwell’s aim though our comprehensive maintenance packages, is to ensure the safe storage of valuable stock and the continual functioning of vital refrigeration equipment for your business.

B.Swift Service and Maintenance Director

Coolwell have been at the forefront of the cold room and freezer room trade for decades, as one of the first companies to offer this type of temperature controlled storage in the UK. To be absolutely sure your freezer room and cold room equipment is being tested, serviced and maintained in the correct way, use a contractor such as Coolwell with highly trained and qualified staff who have earned a wealth of knowledge over years as industry leaders.

Coolwell can provide a proven maintenance package for large scale or individual cold rooms and freezer rooms. If this is of interest to you or you would prefer a one off maintenance visit to try our services first hand, contact one of our friendly team today.

Freezer Room and Cold Room Repair / Service

Regardless of how much effort you and we put into preventative maintenance in an attempt to avoid a system breakdown, unforeseen circumstances and unexpected failures of cold room and freezer room parts is an unfortunate occurrence that happens from time to time. Though often a rarity, it is important for clients whos freezer room and cold room storage is vital to the operation of their business and preservation of their stock, to have a contract in place to ensure immediate response from qualified engineers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Cold room, freezer room and refrigeration system breakdowns put a serious strain on any business. Coolwell is fully aware of the impact downtime can have to you, your customers and your stock and thus, call-outs of this nature are of the highest priority to our switchboard and engineering staff. Our freezer room and cold room service staff are fully qualified, time-served engineers with the experience needed to diagnose, solve and repair/replace failed part/s, to get you up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you have experienced a failure with some of your vital equipment or you wish to prepare in advance of any possible future failures, call our dedicated service team today.

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