Energy Assessments

Energy Assessment and TM44 Surveys

Coolwell are able to provide energy efficiency assessments (TM44 Surveys) for any premises within the criteria stated in the current legislation. We take the hassle away from the building owner, end user or whoever may be responsible for ensuring that they comply with current regulations.

With one phone call, we will arrange for our energy assessor to attend site, carry out and complete a full TM44 survey of the requested premises. As a result of the survey, you will be provided with a full report, detailing any findings and any actions that may be advised to improve the energy efficiency of your air conditioning systems. We will then lodge the report as an official document which will be valid for 5 years.

Why air conditioning inspections are required?

Having an air conditioning system inspected is designed to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, operating costs and the carbon emissions of the system.

Our energy assessor will highlight any improvements that can be made to the operation of existing systems or they may feel it is a more suitable option and recommend to replace older, less energy-efficient systems or oversized systems with new energy efficient systems.

As the replacement of refrigerant has now become restricted in older systems (R22 for example), there is an additional incentive to replace older systems with more modern energy efficient units.

The person who controls the operation of the system, such as the building owner or manager, has statutory obligations and duties of care in the operation and maintenance of air conditioning systems. TM44 surveys and inspections are in addition to standard maintenance procedures.

Inspection, maintenance and cleaning programmes maintain the ability of the system to provide healthy and comfortable environments for building occupants, limiting the escape of refrigerant gases and ensuring the safety of equipment.

The practices and procedures needed to achieve these aims should be applied more frequently than the assessment for energy efficiency described here.

When are air conditioning TM44 inspections required?

All air conditioning systems with an effective rated output of more than 12kw must be regularly inspected by an energy assessor. The inspections must be no more than five years apart.

The regulations require the first inspection of the affected air conditioning systems to be carried out as follows:

  • For all systems first put into service on or after 1 January 2008, the first inspection must have taken place within five years of the date when the system was first put into service.
  • For other air conditioning systems, where the effective rated output is more than 250kW the first inspection must have taken place by 4 January 2009.
  • For other air conditioning systems, where the effective rated output is more than 12kW the first inspection must have taken place by 4 January 2011.

Does my system require an air conditioning inspection?

Only air conditioning systems with an effective rated output of more than 12kW are affected by these regulations and will require a TM44 inspection.

This will include systems consisting of individual units which are less than 12kW although when combined, their effective rated output is more than 12kW. For the purposes of the regulations, a building is defined as a roofed construction having walls, for which energy is used to condition the indoor climate, and ‘building unit’ means a section, floor or apartment within a building which is designed or altered to be used separately.

An air conditioning system is defined as ‘a combination of all components required to provide a form of air treatment in which the temperature is controlled, or can be lowered, and includes systems which combine such air treatment with the control of ventilation, humidity and air cleanliness’.

This includes both fixed self-contained systems, such as split systems and centralised systems. Any components contained in air conditioning systems that are only intended to provide heating are excluded. Air conditioning systems that provide refrigeration for process applications, such as server rooms, would also require an inspection if that part of the system allows an inspection to be carried out.

For further, complete and comprehensive details on TM44 Surveys, please see the following link:-

A Guide to Air Conditioning Inspections for Buildings

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