Are you looking for a reliable, trustworthy heating and air conditioning contractor who is able to offer first-class service at competitive rates?

Coolwell have been operating within the air conditioning, heating and refrigeration market for decades and thus we have generated a wealth of experience, making our staff and engineers some of the best in the industry. With the ability to offer clients a full turn-key package from design and installation, to maintenance, service and repair; we offer the full works. Whether you are a mechanical and electrical contractor, large or small business, or domestic client, we have the scale and operational services in place to assist you with all your heating and air-conditioning needs.

Design of Heating Systems

Shops, offices, homes, restaurants, swimming pools, hotels, colleges, government buildings, transport hubs and so many more. Whatever building you live or work in, Coolwell can provide a suitable heating system to meet your needs.

Our team have over 70 years combined experience in HVAC systems and whether you require one unit or hundreds, we can create a design ideal for you. Modern computer software aids our team in calculating your heating requirements considering factors including (but not exclusive to); the size, shape, position and construction of a building, the number of people using the space and other factors such as equipment, machinery, windows, air flow and any other heat generation/loss. We are able to accurately calculate the size (kW) of unit/s / system ideal for your needs and provide a proposal for your perusal.

Once you have considered the options available and made your selection, Coolwell have the infrastructure to offer a full service package from supply and installation through to ongoing service and maintenance.

Our team are used to working directly with clients or with facilities management groups and other contractors. Contact one of our dedicated team today to see how we can assist you.

Installation of heating systems

Heating provided through various types of air conditioning systems has become more and more energy efficient over recent years. Coolwell, having had many years of experience in this sector, can provide heating systems to suit your specific requirements; from basic air conditioning heating to full heat recovery VFV and VRF systems. We have the knowledge and infrastructure within our company to assist with any requirements that you may have and to suit all applications, including residential, small and large commercial operations, retail & leisure and many more.

Coolwell have spent years creating relationships with a wide range of air conditioning and heating system manufacturers to enable us to offer a huge range of air conditioning and heating systems to suit a client’s individual needs. We can supply, install and commission all types of heating systems using our experienced teams of fully qualified and trained installation engineers; providing you with an investment which will offer years of comfort, whichever system you require.

Following commissioning, a complete demonstration of your new or replacement heating system will be carried out, to ensure that all users are fully comfortable with the use of the system.

Our dedicated installation department is available to discuss your heating system requirements today.

Maintenance of heating systems

Following on from your heating installation or even for an existing system you have installed, Coolwell’s qualified maintenance engineers will always try to ensure that your heating system runs at its optimum and most energy efficient throughout the year. We achieve this through providing one of our proven maintenance options at a level and frequency to suit your requirements.

Having your systems maintained correctly will ensure that you are fully compliant with current F-Gas regulations. With the environmental impact of refrigerants becoming an ever growing concern, regulations can change and have done so recently. We take the hassle out of this subject for you and include up to date FGAS checks on your systems as part of our maintenance procedure. We also keep a log of all previous documents specific to your site, should you ever need to produce these, for example, during an audit.

For further details or to discuss our maintenance options please feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Heating repair / service

Equipment breakdowns are unfortunate issues that affect every business at some point or other. Every measure can be taken and will be taken by Coolwell’s maintenance team (if contracted) to prevent and/or delay the possibility of equipment failure, but when the worst happens it is best to be fully prepared to ensure that heating system down time is reduced to the bear minimum.

One of the most beneficial attributes of Coolwell’s industry leading maintenance packages is the emergency breakdown service, which is available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. We have dedicated teams available to react to a breakdown or fault swiftly, and who’s absolute priority it will be to get your heating system back operating efficiently.

Our team are extensively trained in all air conditioning and heating systems, fault finding is their specialty; when you have a problem, it is our problem, and we will treat it with the same urgency.

B.Swift, Service and Maintenance Director

If you require any further assistance or information, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly, dedicated team.